About the Shirts

-The Bamboo Shirts-

Our t-shirts are made from BAMBOO. Hell yeah. Not only does that make them instantly more awesome (just because), but there are also some very good reasons for it: They’re basically the dancer’s perfect shirt!

  • Softer than any cotton t-shirt

The fibres in the t-shirt are super soft, and extra stretchy. Bamboo clothing has even been compared to the feel of cashmere. This makes them amazingly comfortable to wear, and a great fit. These ain’t no sacks! To top it all off, they’re inherently ant-static, so won’t cling uncomfortably.

  • Breathable and keeps you cool

Bamboo fabric is more breathable than cotton, so you won’t get as hot when you dance in it. It also keeps you cooler as the temperature goes up, as well as warmer in the cold – though we doubt that’s as important when you’re swinging out all night.

  • Naturally anti-bacterial

Keeps you smell-free, naturally. Bamboo – when it’s a plant – doesn’t need any pesticides or fertilisers added to the crops to keep them going strong. Bamboo is full of a natural antimicrobial agent call Bamboo-kun, which persists in the final textile too.

  • Moisture wicking

So you’re dancing all night, and you are covered in sweat – urgh! Bamboo, like many modern sports clothes, is naturally moisture wicking (without being a weird fabric…). This means that it draws the sweat away from your body and keeps you feeling dry while you dance. The hollow channels in the fibre also help to evaporate the moisture quicker, so you can stay in the shirt for longer.

  • Better for the environment

Last, but in no way least, bamboo textiles are much more environmentally friendly! Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, and requires very little extra nourishment other than the sun and rain. No chemicals or pesticides are used in its cultivation, it is actually a grass and therefore can simply be cut without replanting, and it grows much more densely than cotton meaning less land usage. 25% of the entire world’s fertiliser and insecticide is used for cotton production… it’s time to make a change!

Per acre, bamboo outproduces cotton 10:1, with minute resources and improving soil stability. Green as it gets!

-Printing methods-

  • Screen Printing

All of our designs are screen printed in London. Screen printing is the highest quality method of getting an image onto a shirt: It resists fading, cracking, and gives vibrant designs that can be washed and worn hundreds of times. Unless otherwise stated, the ink used are are soft-hand plastisol – It’s like that really thick nasty stuff you’ve had on shirts before, without being as thick or nasty. But still as durable!

  • Discharge Printing

Some of our single colour designs are printing using discharge inks. This method actually imbeds the colours into the fabric, which means that it feels just like a plain t-shirt with no print on it. Colour reproduction isn’t as specific or bright, which we quite like for those designs.

We’ve spent a long time searching for, and trying on, all the shirts we could… and then researching and testing the very wide variety of print methods. We hope you like the final product! If you have any feedback, just let us know here.

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